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Thank you for choosing the Hong Duc hotel. While staying in our hotel please read and follows our hotel’s regulations:

     1. You will need to show the Passport

     2. Take care of your own properties. Valuable properties such as: cash, jewelry, etc. you have to consign them to the reception. The hotel will not be responsible for any lose of properties that were not consigned.

     3. Please inform the receptionist if you want to bring your guests to your room.

     4. Please follow the instruction while using services and electric devices.

     5. It is strictly forbidden to bring any flammable, explosive devices; weapons; prostitute; illegal drugs and animals into the hotel.

     6. You are responsible to pay for any damages you caused in the hotel.

     7. You will not move any furnitures in the room without the permission of the hotel’s staff.
Check out time ( for 01 day) is at 12:00 pm untill 12:00 pm the following day. If you wish to stay longer, you need to tell the receptionist before hand. .
Thank you and injoy your stay at our hotel!